A message from Us

Believe it or not, our sauces have been roaming the streets of Malaysia for over 30 years

Before starting Sauces Sauces Resources, we were involved in the brick-and-mortar business of restaurants

For over 30 years (1989), we operated the Sri Melaka Halal restaurants, with some of the popular locations such as PJ Old Town, Amcorp Mall, PJ, and Taman Tun. At its peak, we were managing 5 branches

More recently, for 6 years (2017) we operated Chuck Two Sons Bistro located at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Our sauces were used extensively in the dishes that were served in both restaurants

However, in life, the only constant aspect is CHANGE. Change for us means going back to basics, going back to the driver that made us special, OUR SAUCES

Hence the creation of SAUCES SAUCES RESOURCES, an outlet that encourages you to be your truest and most saucy self - eat away

Who is Sauces Sauces Resources?

We are not just any sauce manufacturing brand.

Sauces Sauces Resources is not just about its sauces.

We are about making it possible to be your everyday dining companions, being at your side when no other sauce will

We are about feeding your starving bellies with the utmost convenience, ease and satisfaction so that You can focus on your life

Our Mission Statement

To nurture and spread the love of Malaysia - one Sauce at a time, promoting Quality, Affordability and Convenience

We make it possible